Hi there! This blog has been designed to showcase photos of my collections. My main collections include the vintage Princess of Power line, My Little Pony and unicorn stickers. Princess of Power is main collecting passion so I will probably focus on that more than the rest. There are also links to my online shops where you will find a lot of neat collectibles. Have fun looking!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Updated Unicorn Sticker Collection

My unicorn stickers are updated... for now. After deciding that Photobucket is the bane of my photographic existence, I have switched and uploaded everything to Flickr. Took awhile, but it is done for the time being. Since I'm constantly adding to the collection, my goal is to update at least once a month. My habit had been to stockpile and then have a huge sticker party once or twice a year. The link to the updated pics is below.
While you're at it, have a look at Missmidie's stickers. She has everything so well organized by brands. Her collection is amazing!
Hope you enjoy looking at all the pics. Next updates will hopefully be the My Little Pony collection. 

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